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Anesthesia Carts’ Drug Diversion Problem Stems Patients Right’s Lawsuit

Anesthesia Carts are in the news in a highly publicized law suit.

This hospital who has been a client of my medical cart and storage company, suffered a drug diversion problem, internally. According to reports of the alleged victims they set up cameras to catch the offender in the act of diverting these controlled substances.

Apparently these carts used presumably for anesthesia in surgery’s and epidurals during newborn delivery had cameras that were capturing patients during their procedures, and vulnerable moments without permission.

I’ve written many posts and articles on medical cart access control systems on the cartadvocate blog. You can search them in the bar on the right if viewing in full site mode.

Regarding the Anesthesia Carts role, vulnerability, and drug diversion I’m going to continue to follow the case and report more at a later time.

You can readily read the article listed below to learn more.

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Medical Cart Mobile Power Systems – Project

Sacramento, CA USA – Wanted to let all cartadvocate followers know of my most intense medical cart project at this time. My company American River Medical is conducting a project with a mobile power system design concept that will revolutionize the healthcare industry. My hypothesis is being vetted in several ways, to include procuring data that will validate or refine the hypothesis, regarding the multitude of pain points associated with medical cart and workstation mobile power systems for healthcare professionals.

You may readily follow updates at American River Medical, and I will do my best to keep cartadvocate updated as well. But please note my basic medical cart posts may not be as frequent as the past while my focus is directed in this project.

You may read more about it here:

Thank you for your support in making cartadvocate a medical cart resource for all – and please let me know how I may improve the site content for your medical cart endeavors.

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Medical Cart Freight

Sacramento, CA USA – Medical cart freight refers to the methods and costs associated with delivering a medical cart(s) from the supplier or manufacturer to the client (end user / hospital).

Medical Cart Freight Methods

Medical cart freight methods include all the typical freight transportation methods. Ground is typical with many medical carts having onboard power systems – and air freight does not permit certain types of batteries. Regular ground is the standard.

Medical Cart Freight Costs

Medical cart freight costs are often significant. This is due to two primary physical factors of the cart(s), size and weight. Medical carts often have a footprint of 6-10 cubic Read more…

Blood Cart

In our world of medical carts – there is always a new clinical, therapeutic, diagnostic, or other application to learn about.

Introducing, The Blood Cart.

Here is a very specific medical cart application. I was immediately impressed with the attention to detail this cart encompasses. The manufacturer clearly has immersed themselves in the “Problem.”

Enjoy reading about the “Blood Cart” …

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Medical Crash Cart Restocking Leads to Lawsuit

Omnipresent. Whether we see them everyday or not, medical carts are omnipresent and an integral part of healthcare everyday. Whether you or a family member or friend is receiving healthcare treatment – there’s a good chance someone you know is receiving the benefits of a medical cart’s impact on Healthcare today.

Medical crash cart (Code Blue Crash Cart) restocking has been a topic I’ve discussed previously here on cartadvocate. Many healthcare facilities have minimized the laborious and Read more…

Medical Cart Anti-Microbial Plastic Tops

Medical cart innovation is always refreshing. This is especially true when you see innovation born from design into utility and function.

Medical cart tops are essential accessories to the “Medical Cart.” They provide the following benefits:

Read more…

Anesthesia Cart Access Control – Lock or Unlock?

There are medical cart questions in healthcare that continue to be asked of me. One such consistent question for over fifteen years is:

Do Anesthesia Carts have to be locked in between patient cases?

Your healthcare facility’s accreditation is important. It may be a department of health, The Joint Commission (On Accreditation of Healthcare), or other. As The Joint Commission is most familiar to me I will utilize their standards and interpretations to answer this question, “Do anesthesia carts with medications have to be locked Read more…

Medical Carts – “2016 Carts & Workstations – Buyer’s Guide” – Repost From HPNOnline

Repost on cartadvocate

Here is a detailed medical cart buyer’s guide from Healthcare Purchasing News. It is from 2016 and available online. Current versions are likely readily available on HPNOnline with a membership subscription.

It is a comprehensive listing of manufacturers, OEM’s, and suppliers of medical carts and mobility solutions. The organized and aggregated data allow for identifying medical cart features and benefits desired. Here is the link to the article:

“2016 Carts & Workstations – Buyer’s Guide” HPNOnline

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Doc Hudson Code Blue Crash Cart

If you haven’t seen Disney’s Pixar movie series, Cars, you really should consider. In the medical cart world – we often see opportunities to refresh and update old and outdated medical cart applications. Recently I ran across this Code Blue Crash Cart in a hospital in Northern California.


As old as it was I immediately thought of “Doc Hudson.” While the older Hudson Hornet did not look or perform in the same way the younger “Lightning McQueen” did – the Read more…

State-of-the-cart smarts – From

Repost on cartadvocate from Healthcare Purchasing News

Speaking of medical carts here is a nicely done article. While it is from 2015 – some of the technology trends are even more relevant today than they were then.

Want to stay up to date on this medical cart blog? To receive automated links when content is updated on cartadvocate utilize the RSS Feed link on the right side toolbar. Thank you for visiting the cartadvocate medical cart blog.

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State-of-the-cart smarts

Workstation ergonomics, convenience and performance factor into every detail

by Valerie J. Dimond

Today’s healthcare workers (HCWs) are shouldering more responsibility and pressure than ever before. In order to succeed they need the best tools and resources available — and that includes a variety of well-designed carts and workstations that are functional, adaptable, and ergonomically engineered for comfort and safety.

“With ever-increasing efficiency requirements, the well-being of healthcare personnel is key to delivering high quality care and achieving the desired results,” said Eric Dotson, General Manager at Sovella, a workstation and modular furniture provider in GA. “Healthcare professionals need work spaces that are easy to clean, organized and tailored to their individual needs. Workers need a workstation that is easy to use, move Read more…

Medical Cart Battery Fires & Resources

Medical Cart Battery Fires & Resources

A follow-up post to Medical Cart Battery Fires – Code RED; published here on medical cart blog – cartadvocate

Medical Carts are often powered meaning they utilize their own power system in the form of a battery to power other peripherals on the cart. Then the battery only need be charged / recharged / charging to maintain the power supply for the cart, and it’s peripherals. The power supply systems on medical carts are currently a detriment to our patient healthcare outcomes. Simply put – healthcare professionals are clinical care providers. They are no more biomedical engineer than an engineer is an RN. If this is true, then why are we asking a massive population of healthcare professionals to monitor, maintain and participate in the constant and fatiguing behavior of managing mobile medical cart power supply?

While there is differentiation between swappable battery technology amongst manufacturers, I don’t have the data to distinguish with certainty as to which companies Read more…

Mobility Considerations for Medical Carts 

medical cart caster cartadvocate

By cartadvocate Guest Blogger, David R. Baughn – Magnus Mobility Systems, Inc.

Carts that are used in Medical application have unique, mission-critical mobility requirements. After all, if they weren’t mobile, they’d just be cabinets, storage bins or computer desks, right? But these are carts, which by definition have wheels. Transporting instruments, medication or computers used in healthcare present challenges for these wheels not found in other applications. Fast, efficient movement, with easy positioning, along with stability when the cart is stationary are required. Proper caster specification, based on how a specific cart will be used, will assure that Read more…