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How to Choose Your Ideal Mobile Cart Solution

June 1, 2012

by Your Trusted Cart Advocate / Tagg Neal

Ideal Mobile Cart Selection Process

Today’s healthcare market offers more options than ever in the world of mobile solutions, AKA: CARTS! Often healthcare professionals ask us how to choose the ideal mobile cart solution. Here is a simple, intelligent and proven way that will help you determine the best solution for your specific cart application.

American River Medical uses an intelligent two-stage process; “Primary” and “Secondary”. It is natural for one to look for the features they think they want, and then ask if they match the benefits they were seeking. By using this traditional method, many times the benefits are not clearly defined. Our team advocates to actually work backward! After all, the benefits you need and want are actually more important. They represent the advantage the specific feature gives you.

Here is how our Ideal Mobile Cart Primary Stage works. 1-2-3!

Step 1: What are the specific storage items targeted for the mobile solution/s?

Take the items to be stored and lay them out. Decide which items belong together. Categorize and configure them as they will be stored, drawer by drawer. Use a tape measure to measure the newly grouped products. Now reconcile these groups into drawer depth heights of 3″, 6″, 9″ or 12″.

NOTE: Most carts have either 24″ or 30″ of total vertical drawer space. Depending on cart application the user may be able to store additional items via accessory storage (tilt bins, baskets, etc.) or on top of the cart top itself.

Step 2: Identify the carts home or path of travel.

Will this cart be stationary (patient’s room, OR, vestibule of the ED)? Or will it have a path of travel? Many times carts travel from a point of stocking to a point of use…

How to Choose Your Ideal Mobile Cart Solution.

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