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cartadvocate – Medical Cart Mobile Power Systems Interview – Patrick Ney of Anton/Bauer

May 10, 2013

cartadvocate medical cart mobile power system interview Anton Bauer

cartadvocate medical cart mobile power supply interview Anton Bauer’s Patrick Ney

cartadvocate – Hey Patrick, welcome to cartadvocate and our Sit Down Q&A Session.

PN – Thanks Tagg, it’s great to be here. I like the trend I’m seeing in your work on Thank you for including Anton/Bauer and myself in the discussion surrounding medical carts and their mobile power systems.

cartadvocate – Absolutely. My pleasure. For my reader audience – Patrick Ney is the Vice President of Mobile Power Systems for Anton/Bauer. Readers can see your role as VP at Anton/Bauer by clicking the link provided (click here). Patrick has a proven history in mobile power supply systems and earned the respect of his peers in our industry.  

PN – Thank you

cartadvocate – Patrick, I asked to interview you on behalf of – because you are the niche expert of mobile power systems within my broader expertise – medical carts. Within the medical cart industry we are seeing power supply systems becoming more relevant to the outcomes and benefits customers receive from their mobile nurse and mobile computing workstations. 

PN – I couldn’t agree more. Tagg what you are doing on is commendable – Your experience combined with your passion for learning and sharing all things “Medical Carts” – positions you perfectly to facilitate this platform and advocate on behalf of the industry whole.

cartadvocate – Now it is my turn to thank you. I appreciate it and I do feel I objectively advocate solutions from an industry perspective. Without further ado let’s get started with some of these questions I have for you and Anton/Bauer Mobile Power Systems.

PN – I am ready.

cartadvocate – Great – So Patrick, when a hospital network is vetting mobile cart  or mobile nurse workstation options, what should be their primary consideration for mobile power supply options?

PN: Hospitals spend $100,000’s to $1,000,000’s to support the meaningful use of EHR. When it comes to the mobile workstation specifically, hospitals frequently overlook the power system because it can be thought of as “just a battery”. When the workstation is deployed, the “battery” quickly becomes a major focus. When the power system does not meet workflow requirement, the major investment in the EHR system is compromised. I have seen hospitals make last-minute budget-cuts and target the power system as an area to cut cost because “it’s just a battery”. The hospitals selected an inferior battery and when the workstations were deployed, nurses rejected the entire system because it didn’t support their workflow requirement. 6-months later, the inferior battery needed to be replaced with the originally planned power system.

cartadvocate – Great. That makes a lot of sense Patrick. So if we were take that to a more granular level, what would the main points be?

PN – The points to consider when selecting a medical cart power system include.

1.       Runtime is one of the most important variables to consider: During the planning stage, the hospital must understand the total wattage required for all of the technology devices being considered. It is not recommended that an inverter is used but when it is, the inefficiency must also be considered. Let’s assume a requirement of 50W.

2.       Next, we need to know how many hours the system must operate before it is recharged. Let’s assume that the nurse needs 7 hours of runtime.

3.       Calculate the minimum capacity of a battery that will provide 7 hours of continuous runtime by multiplying the wattage required by the number of hours needed. (7hrs x 50watts = 350 Watt-hours.)

4.       In this case, the battery selected must have a minimum capacity 350Wh to run for 7 hours. –Regardless of what the salesperson is telling you.

cartadvocate – OK. I think everyone agrees that makes a lot of sense. After run time consideration, what would be next?

PN – After the computer technology is selected and a power system with the proper capacity has been identified, variables that effect the total cost of ownership must be understood. Many inexpensive, low-quality batteries will perform well for a few months but then fail quickly. The inexpensive options typically cost much more over the life of the product versus investing in higher quality upfront.

cartadvocate – Where do  you see the mobile power supply space evolving in the next 5 years?

Mobile power is a fascinating industry. In healthcare, there is a major shift from fixed (under cart) power system to options that give the user more options. For example, a HotSwap system provides 24/7 availability or a SmartSwap system gives hospital many options to configure a system based on workflow.

cartadvocate – Just for cartadvocate readers, what qualifies Anton/Bauer as  a leader in the medical cart mobile power supply industry?

The company is in a unique position within this industry. Anton/Bauer is a battery company focused only on providing high-quality power systems. We don’t make workstations or other technology, power is our core-competency. Our customers can select buy the best workstation and then select the best power system. The company has 43 years experience providing the highest-quality systems to mission-critical markets. Anton/Bauer is located in the US and has engineering and manufacturing all in one place. In fact, we have received an Emmy Award for engineering achievement and a Technical Oscar for our work in the film and broadcast industry.

cartadvocate – What is it about mobile power supply systems that get’s you so jazzed up to talk about it?!

Simply stated, the mobile power component of a workstation or medical equipment can make or break the hospitals EHR system efficiency. The opportunity to educate a hospital or end-user on how to select a power system is rewarding. Additionally, I am the biggest critic of any company that I work with. Anton/Bauer has proven to me that they provide the market with the highest quality power systems available anywhere. An industry need combined with the best solution available excites me.

cartadvocate – What does Patrick Ney do when he’s not working for Anton/Bauer Mobile Power Systems?

PN – Good question. I work A LOT because of the opportunity to positively effect an industry. When not working I enjoy traveling, boating, snowboarding and concerts. I am a bit of a technology geek so I also enjoy studying high-tech “stuff”.

cartadvocate – iPhone, Android or other?

PN – BlackBerry, I need the QWERTY keyboard – haha.

cartadvocate – Nice. I always think it helps readers connect with the interviewee when they share a little personal information about themselves when they are off the job. Thanks for sharing.

cartadvocate – Well Patrick – on behalf of and it’s reader’s I greatly appreciate you sitting down and sharing these insights to medical cart mobile power systems. As you know, my article is nearly complete and will be featured at in the coming days. I hope this Sit Down Q&A Session combined with the medical cart mobile power supply article will serve as a helpful resources for industry decision makers and influencers – and anyone researching, vetting, or perhaps working with or replacing medical cart mobile power systems.

PN – Great work Tagg. Thank you and Keep doing what you are doing for the industry – and who knows, perhaps in a couple years, technology will advance and we can address the changes since this interview.

cartadvocate – I will look forward to that. Thank you Patrick. 

PN – Thank you Tagg

cartadvocate – readers can look for upcoming article on Medical Cart Mobile Power Systems, and other in depth articles about Medical Carts at: To sign up to automatically receive content like this, select to “Follow” on the RSS Feed at the top of this page or on the right side tool bar. Thank you for reading

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