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Market Driven Medical Cart – Article from American River Medical

December 17, 2013

Market Driven Medical Carts Image

Market Driven Medical Carts

Market Driven Medical Carts are identified by HOW they came to serve the medical cart market. American River Medical’s cart line, Tianao, is the US industry’s leading example of Market Driven Medical Carts. American River Medical identified a repeating market trend for increasing value in medical cart and workstation product offerings. Medical cart and storage clients were asking for increasing value without compromising service or quality. As a traditional function to increase product offering value – American River Medical could either offer advanced features on existing pricing – or – reduced pricing on advanced features. American River Medical went a step further and asked the question, “What if we could offer BOTH advanced features AND reduced pricing?

Market Driven Medical Carts Global Sourcing

HOW To Serve the Market Driven Medical Cart Request?

If traditional industry players representing an abundance of resources and networks weren’t adequately answering the market’s call for increasing product value…, HOW could the Veteran Owned Small Business, American River Medical serve this trending market request?

1. Discover Why others wouldn’t or couldn’t

2. Focus on How to be First

3. Conduct a Global Search

After discovering the answer to #1, American River Medical placed acute focus on HOW they could be the 1st in market to offer the solution. American River Medical wasn’t committed to market the product offerings it had – rather charged with the responsibility of finding the solutions the market was asking for. Without static production processes, product designs, and people – American River Medical was free to literally search the globe for a True Solution. Partnering with an existing and proven global leader in medical carts – TIANAO – new clients feel this unrelenting commitment to THEIR complete medical cart experience. By making a commitment to its clients FIRST – and then sourcing the solutions – American River Medical is receiving trust and market acceptance that typically cost unfathomable quantitative marketing resources; measured in millions and decades.

Market Driving Clients American River Medical

The Market Asks, And So it Shall… Reward

The CLIENTS are the MOST important component of “Market Driven Medical Carts”. Market driven solution clients reward the leader. They reward the leader on the unbeaten path to bring back the solutions they desire today, and will need in the tomorrows to come. American River Medical continues to receive client testimonials, compounding sales, and new project opportunities. Each and every client interaction is an ongoing relationship of trust – where the client knows American River Medical is committed to their complete medical cart experience. Market Driven Medical Carts reflect American River Medical’s attention to their CLIENTS’ medical cart experience.

By allowing the CLIENTS of today’s market to drive American River Medical, American River Medical positions itself to be in the driver’s seat of tomorrow.

About – American River Medical is the market leader of the complete medical cart experience. American River Medical’s commitment to its clients is demonstrated through its representation of the world’s fastest growing medical cart brand. Our medical cart and storage True Solutions, improve quality of patient care through optimized mobile storage of equipment, supplies, pharmaceuticals, and data for healthcare organizations.  From the tech corridor of Chandler, Arizona we serve the primary market of acute care hospitals in the USA. Our core competency in mobile storage is combined with domestic and international partnerships delivering a proven, unique, and refreshing value proposition.  True Solutions.

About – Tianao is the world’s fastest growing medical cart brand. Tianao USA, Inc. market driven medical cart solutions offer healthcare organizations a competitive advantage in quality, design, and value. Tianao USA is located in Chandler, Arizona and now has product solutions available for delivery, implementation, and service across the United States. The Tianao Family includes mobile carts, storage, and computer workstations for hospital equipment, supplies, pharmaceuticals, and data. Tianao – World Class Carts.

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