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Supply Exchange Cart Comeback

April 30, 2015

If you haven’t read the book Comeback by Dave Dravecky I highly recommend it. Speaking of comebacks – the hospital supply exchange cart is making one of it’s own. This cart has an exoskeleton that allows for modular storage adjuncts like sliding shelves, trays, bins, wire baskets, catheter hangers or more to be custom configured to your departments’ specific needs. Supply Exchange Carts have large storage capacity, quick transparent views of the entire cart’s supplies, and are as mentioned modular for your customized order – and to re-purpose in the future.

This supply exchange cart is being utilized in a level 1 trauma facility in Northern California

Traditionally exchange carts for supply items were heavily utilized in the OR and surgical suites, catheter labs, and radiology. Their comeback can now be seen in emergency services, anesthesia supply, and other patient care areas of the hospital.

Larger than a traditional cart – they still maintain all the key components of the hospital medical cart;

A. Ease and speed of accessing and securing the cart – Yep.

B. Intuitive & Friendly Programming – Yes.

C. Modularity for drawer/bin configuration options – Absolutely.

D. Accessory Friendly – Check

E. Maneuverability – Forsure.

F. Ergonomic – Pretty much.

G. Mobile – Yes again.

H. Aesthetically pleasing – Confirmed.

Emergency Services is the newest department to employ the supply exchange cart. Exchange carts offer both roll-up doors as well as hinged doors. Access control options include keyed, key-less with manual push-button or electronic, and no lock. The supply exchange cart’s mobility means it can be completely removed from the patient roomfor deep terminal clean.

- cartadvocate

Supply Exchange Cart

The carts themselves may be made out of several materials including powder coated metal, melamine, or stainless steel. All are excellent for detergent and cleaning, and are durable materials for lifetime value.

Hospital designers and planners are now recommending supply exchange carts in healthcare new builds and remodels throughout the United States. So do you have fixed melamine case work and cabinets restricting your supply storage inventory? Maybe it’s time to join the “Comeback” and see how supply exchange carts can optimize your supply inventory, and improve your heatlhcare staff’s workflow?…

Supply Exchange Cart

– cartadvocate

One thing Dave Dravecky was famous for with the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants was when his name was called out in the bullpen, he made a full-out sprint for the pitcher’s mound. No swagger, no walk, no jog. A dead sprint to fulfill his calling to pitch or save a game. Despite unbelievable set-backs – he made the comeback famous and a story for all times. Catch his video here – and watch the Supply Exchange Cartmake a “Comeback” of it’s own, in your hospital department soon. Go Giants.

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