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Ebola Supply Cart – Newest Medical Cart

June 29, 2015

Ebola – The word represented fear in our nation and world. No time was it more omnipresent than July of 2014. The Ebola events surrounding outbreaks in the US were on every news channel all day long. Hospital and government leadership at the highest levels were having meetings to strategize and form plans on how their specific community, and the health community as a whole would deal with such an occurrence or outbreak.

Our little world of medical carts was present and accounted for. The “Ebola Cart” was born. Medical supply orders surged as the healthcare and hospital community deployed PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) supplies, and placed them in the ready via a supply cart. Community leadership sought a specific and accessible supply of PPE and other equipment readily identifiable and complete to respond.

This was one of the first medical carts designed and configured specifically for Ebola in the US media.

The Ebola Cart is basically an Isolation Cart , optimized with Ebola specific PPE. Large drawers allow for the bulky storage of masks, gowns, gloves and more. As a medical cart solution – it possesses mobility to be rolled to the infected patient quarantined area.

Ebola Cart Drawer

The CDC and HHS appointed 55 hospitals as “Ebola Treatment Centers” in the US. That being said clients have procured specific Ebola Carts to non-designated Ebola treatment centers. Purchased through “Infection Prevention” department budgets, these hospitals were typically in rural areas where staff wanted to be prepared for the worst. Some hospitals chose not to put the name “Ebola” on their carts. Instead they preferred “Infectious Disease” or “Emergency Preparedness.”

I want to be cautious not to advocate or promote the fear surrounding the tragic Ebola outbreak. Rather simply report – on how medical carts played a small roll in preparing your community for the worst. You can see WHO statistics on Ebola Outbreak in Africa here.

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