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Hospital Emergency Codes

August 25, 2015

If you are reading this medical by cart resource blog then you probably already know these hospital Emergency Codes. Of course non-healthcare professionals may enjoy reading this medical resource blog too – as sooner or later – everyone comes into the service of a medical cart.

As someone who has spent my career in and out of hospitals these codes have always intrigued me. My preference is to hear a lullaby over the loudspeaker indicating a baby was just born – there is nothing sweeter . When I hear a code called my brain immediately goes to translation mode. I try to recall my memory of basic codes. Unfortunately the code I most hear when in the hospital is – code blue. Code Blue – Code Blue is not something you like hearing.  That means somebody is grasping for life. Code Blue means Respiratory Arrest or Cardiac Arrest. Staff is crashing to the patient’s location – with the code blue crash cart, and all non code blue team members, staff, patients, visitors instinctively get out of the way. Many times I will think to say a prayer for the unknowing patient, their family, and the medical staff assisting.

Hospital Emergency Codes - cartadvocate

Typical Hospital Emergency Codes

Hospital staff run scheduled drills and training to be prepared for all of these overhead code calls. Thankfully for color blind gents – the written color is shown as well. These Emergency Codes are placed in locations throughout the hospital. Many times I see them on the back of the staff  ID badge for their quick reference.


Code Blue Crash Cart

Responding to medical and hospital emergencies is not my expertise. I am not qualified to comment much about them – only that the medical carts play a vital role for code blue via the Code Blue Crash Cart. I simply find this code language intriguing and effective, and am grateful for the staff who’s expertise is responding to them.


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