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Sittin’ on the dock of the Bay – Surgical Supply Carts

October 22, 2015
Recently I had the privilege of assisting a hospital surgical team in the design of two specific medical cart applications. My first trip on site with the team was spent listening to their workflow and specific storage needs surrounding the proposed medical supply cart application.
After deciding on a “Medical Cart”, the team opted for larger style “Exchange Carts” for the additional storage capacity and the ability of the storage components to evolve over time as their supplies, products, and / or packaging may.

It was a beautiful rainy day in the City of San Francisco when the carts arrived. Below are some images from sittin’ on the receiving dock to rolled out and implemented mobile cart solution.
Being onsite for delivery means I am able to un-pallet for client, set up, and perform training on access control locking mechanisms, storage component design, and maintenance and care.
They were packaged well so no damage was incurred during freight transit. While freight damage is rare, it does happen (see Medical Cart Delivery article here).
When deployed, these two carts will perform vital roles to the high risk and high revenue surgical procedures for this hospital.
Every potential surgical supply component, part and size from multiple manufacturers is on standby for use and implantation by surgeons in these two Surgical Supply Carts. Surgical support team staff have necessary par levels of all items for any possible combination of use during surgery.
Sometimes stored in fixed stainless steel cabinets our team opted for carts. This decision was made for mobility (albeit minimal), as well as long term ability to evolve with future potential room designs.
Here is one of our favorite Nurses in the Perioperative department with her surgical supply cart design. This design was customized by her, for her, and increases her workflow efficiency. Indirectly better workflow means improved patient outcomes for the patients in her hospital. I encourage you to consult a medical cart specialist to assist in the custom design of your surgical supply carts.
For Your Medical Cart Solutions,

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