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Medical Cart Packaging 

January 25, 2017

Medical Cart packaging matters. Many times the carts that arrive at your hospital come from half way around the continental United States. Some medical carts are born in California, Ohio, Illinois, Arizona, Oregon, and Texas to name just a few. The chances are good that the medical carts arriving at your hospital traveled a long road to get there. A medical cart order of fifty five or more carts typically has it’s own truck. Anything less requires LTL (Less Than a Load) freight transport from it’s shipping point to your hospital. Our interstate highways are grand but do have pot holes, chain ruts, and bumps the trucks must traverse. In addition there are weather concerns that impact how smooth the freight truck’s ride is to your hospital.

The picture below illustrates premier medical cart packaging.

You can readily see this truck load of medical carts was packaged with care and purpose. Not one of these carts had so much as a nick on it thanks to the packaging techniques utilized by the manufacturer.

Superior and intelligent medical cart packaging makes for safe and undamaged medical cart arrival – cartadvocate

Medical carts are made of multiple materials – and all should be protected as best as possible. The better the packaging of the medical cart – the lease likely your carts will arrive damaged at your hospital. Medical carts that arrive damaged require hospital staff to deny the delivery and/or notate the visual damaged packaging. About five years ago I wrote an article on Medical Cart Damage, click the link to review Medical Cart Deliveries Link “Medical Cart Deliveries”. When your cart(s) arrive damaged, assuming staff notated the damage, you have to wait for the new order to process, production to schedule and build your replacement cart(s), and delivery time for it to ship to your destination.

Medical Cart packaging makes a difference. Good packaging ensures your investment will arrive just as it left the factory floor.

Medical cart manufacturing companies who implement smart packaging systems and materials for their medical carts provide a superior medical cart experience to healthcare clients (hospital, clinics, long term care, specialty care facilities). You can readilly see that whether ordering one or one hundred carts – intelligent medical cart packaging systems will ensure a safe arrival of your carts every time.

Bedside IV Medical Carts arrive without a blemish, scratch, or indentation thanks to intelligent packaging systems – cartadvocate

Bedside IV Auto-Locking Medical Cart received a planned safe arrival by the manufacturer via smart and intelligent packaging systems – cartadvocate

Medical cart packaging can enhance or damper your overall medical cart experience. Thank you for reading the cartadvocate medical cart blog and please advise if there is a topic you would like us to pursue.

For Your Medical Cart Solutions, 


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