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Medical Cart Market Report 

October 16, 2017

Medical Cart Market Reports are published from time to time. The intent is to provide factual research based data on the medical cart market. They also identify “Key players” in the market, and comment on the direction of the market; Nationally and globally. As someone who keeps a pulse on the medical cart market I often read these reports with a healthy amount of provision. There is valuable information, but they are simply reporting on the current direction of the market – and then they extrapolate the information over a  long term period. Fast advancing technology may readily have an impact on the direction the market ends up going. Especially when forecasting out ten years.

I am not privileged to the resources that provide data to contradict any information in this report summary (disclaimer: I have not purchased and read the entire report, only the published summary). as a reader of the report summary I can readily deduce that by combining the two markets – Medical Carts and Mobile Computing / EHR Interfacing Carts – the potential market outlook margin of error may be sizably increased. The later of the two markets – Mobile Computing / EHR Interfacing Carts – has a singlular technology based purpose, the use and integration of management software for patient Eletronic Healthcare Records. The former market – Medical Carts – has a non-technology singular purpose of storing equipment, supplies, and medication that are mobile, controlled, and optimized for use.

For this reason, regarding the medical cart market, I contend that until technology can readily make these items (supplies, medication, and equipment) magically appear and disappear at the patient bedside or “Point of Care“, the Medical Cart market will remain a necessity far into the future, and therefore much more predictable than the Mobile Computing / EHR Interfacing Cart market.

Looking at the Mobile Computing / EHR Interfacing Cart market – it is plausible that technology may innovate a superior solution for managing and integrating EHR software than the general use of community hardware such as mobile computing carts. Especially when you take into the account the following hard and soft costs, and risk management issues: cross contamination and infection prevention protocols.; power supply replenishment, hardware shelf life replacement hard costs, maintenance and labor soft costs, and the unforgiving and fast moving obselescence technology curve.

In summary I believe you must know where you are to know where you are going. But do not discount where you are – for an absolute destination of where you will be. This is a good report based upon data of where the market is today – and where it is predicted to be headed based upon research and data. But within there is a margin of error, in my opinion, regarding a ten year market forecast on where hospital medical cart mobile computing will be.

Here is a link to the report summary on PRNewswire:

Over US$ 1,700 Mn Worth of Medical Carts Expected to be Sold Across North America by 2027-end: Future Market Insights

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