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Medical Cart Mobile Device Management Software 

December 1, 2017

Medical Cart Mobile Device Management Software is available for the majority of medical computing cart manufacturer solutions. MDM as it is called, goes far beyond the scope of medical carts. Mobile devices are now being utilized across many industries. We will only be looking at MDM as it pertains to mobile medical computing carts. 

The idea is simple – empower healthcare professionals to have superior visibility and control of their fleet of mobile computing carts throughout a facility / hospital. This management gives the IS/IT department of a hospital, the real time visibility of all of their deplored mobile computing carts. This in turn allows for nurses and caregivers to not have to manage these mobile devices, rather devote their time to caring for patients.

The primary issue surrounding mobile computing carts is power supply and consumption. Very little else goes array with “Workstation On Wheels.” That being said – MDM software can empower the IS team to know when a cart will be low on power, thus predicting it’s timely replacement and eliminating frustration or downtime for the care giver.

Fleet management software has come a long way from first generation solutions. They absolutely provide superior insight and in theory I can readily see how that transcends to superior patient care. I am not convinced however it compounds patient care, or is a true game changer. This has been supported by IS teams I have spoken with. The reason is – the real problem still remains: Mobile Power Supply isn’t sufficient. 

So the fact that MDM software provides transparency and real time insight to the health of the mobile computing cart – you still know the diagnoses is the same: It is LOW on power or will be shortly. It may help incrementally to notify nursing staff the computing cart is not plugged in – or perhaps that specific cart is plugged in but isn’t taking a charge – but it’s not a real solution to the power supply / consumption problem of mobile computing carts. If it’s unplugged you have 2-3 hours for an SLA cart or 4-6 hours for a LiOn cart. The nurses know this.

Additionally – mobile computing carts aren’t necessarily true “Mobile Management Devices” in my opinion. Due to the power issues I’ve just described – mobile computing carts are considered to be ALWAYS plugged in and charging unless deployed for rounds or specific bedside use, they don’t really fit the identity of true mobile device. They are plugged in more often than not – making them temporary mobile devices rather than mobile devices that get temporarily plugged in for charging.

As stated before these second generation MDM software systems for mobile computing cart manufactures are pretty nice and intuitive. One could argue that due to the power supply / consumption issues I have described with medical mobile computing carts – they are even more paramount to a healthy medical cart fleet. I just don’t see the point in putting to much emphasis on the instant and real time health of the fleet of carts if you already know that the issue most likely exists or is about to: Low Power Supply. 

Here are two examples of Mobile Computing Medical Cart Fleet “Mobile Device Management Software”:

Enovate – Rhythm 

Howard Medical – MobileCARE (MedCARE, LifeCARE, FleetCARE)
For Your Medical Cart Solutions,


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