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ENT Medtronic NIM-Reponse 3.0 Medical Cart 

January 15, 2018

This is an interesting medical cart I came across in a surgery department in Oakland, California. It is referred to as an “OEM” medical cart application which indicates it was custom designed for the original equipment manufactuer (OEM) “Medtronic” for a specific purpose and application. This specific cart application is ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) and is their registered and trademarked brand “NIM” (Nerve Interoperative Monitoring). You can readily see the Medtronic NIM-Response 3.0 monitor on top of the cart. All related supplies and equipment are stored in the drawers below. As a medical cart this system now provides the physicians and health practitioners mobility of their system to the patient area of use.

The tape on the floor outlines it’s “Home” our location in the surgery department where it is stored and ready for use. The patient care position where it will be used is it’s “POP”, or Place Of Purpose. The top work surface is the most vital of the mobile storage solution as that is where the ENT NIM Monitor is stored. Below it you see two approximately 9″ storage drawers. At the very bottom is a storage area with a door that tilts up and pushes back into the cavity of the cart itself.

Custom OEM Medical Cart applications are typically optimal for the intended purpose of the cart – as they were designed specifically for that very medical cart application.

Does your surgery department have this Medtronic NIM-Response 3.0 Medical Cart or another custom OEM medical cart application?

Always great to see and learn new medical cart applications.

For Your Medical Cart Solutions, 


Medtronic ENT NIM Cart - cartadvocate

Medtronic ENT NIM Cart – cartadvocate

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