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Code Blue Crash Cart Restocking Systems

March 16, 2018

Code Blue Crash Cart Restocking Systems

Code Blue Crash Cart restocking systems are utilized each time the cart is accessed, and more…

Generally speaking medical cart systems exist to provide secure, mobile, storage that enable caregivers to care for patients. A fairly straight forward objective. It is the medical cart systems nature as a primary storage solution that is indicative of items being stocked and replenished. These requirements point to human proce$$e$.

On a recent appointment I was privileged to receive a tour of a hospital’s central supply workflow processes surrounding the code blue crash carts. It was long way from the vintage central supply photo shown above. My observation was that this specific manager ran “A tight ship” as we used to say in the Navy. Everything and everyone was in symphony and it all intertwined harmoniously. The rows were like a modern grocery store. The labels of the shelved items were colored with large font for quick identification. I was impressed at the organization and systems in place to move necessary supplies throughout this hospital.

The code blue crash carts utilized a manual restocking system that worked perfectly. However I couldn’t help wonder there is a a less laborious method? During this month twelve (12) of the nearly sixty (60) carts at this single facility were to come in for supply / medication reconciliation. Additionally, every time a code blue crash cart is used, it must be reconciled. These actions are vital to saving my life or yours in a code blue crash cart event, but could a workflow analyst provide a system with less liability of error, and possibly at reduced costs? I am not a workflow analysis specialist, but I do know the job description is becoming more common to optimize systems like this within the healthcare industry. While existing manual systems and features exist to limit the labor required to reconcile the crash carts (stay tuned for future article on access), what factor will technology play in reconciling crash carts of the future?

As a representative or our cart manufacturer, I was onsite to perform some preventative maintenance and film some short instructional video clips (coming soon here). While there I saw happy staff working with purpose from task to task and station to station. I feel extremely safe knowing these systems are in place and do save lives. More often than we care to know.

For your medical cart solutions,

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