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Doc Hudson Code Blue Crash Cart

June 18, 2018

If you haven’t seen Disney’s Pixar movie series, Cars, you really should consider. In the medical cart world – we often see opportunities to refresh and update old and outdated medical cart applications. Recently I ran across this Code Blue Crash Cart in a hospital in Northern California.


As old as it was I immediately thought of “Doc Hudson.” While the older Hudson Hornet did not look or perform in the same way the younger “Lightning McQueen” did – the younger Lightning had a lot to learn from the older wiser Doc Hudson.

Doc Hudson while having “Experience” was still able to teach, and under certain circumstances outperform Lightning McQueen. It was experience and wisdom that gave Doc the edge. His ability to share that is ultimately what made Lightning McQueen his personal best.

All that being said we must consider the overall value of the code blue crash cart and the medical cart in general. “Utility” and “Performance” are not the only value the carts provide. In today’s ever changing world of healthcare, HCAHPS scores, and the consumer market – the aesthetic value and “Perception” of the hospital by it’s customers must be weighed and accounted for.

For now – it’s Code Blue Crash Cart “Doc Hudson” who has the watch at this hospital, and he is clearly ready for duty to assist in a potential life saving performance of cardiac or respiratory arrest.

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