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Medical Cart Anti-Microbial Plastic Tops

August 14, 2018

Medical cart innovation is always refreshing. This is especially true when you see innovation born from design into utility and function.

Medical cart tops are essential accessories to the “Medical Cart.” They provide the following benefits:

Smooth writing surface for charting

  • Raised edges for liquid spill containment
  • Overall protection for the top cart surface itself
  • Easy modular replacement for new look refresh
  • Conceal any sharp edges of the cart top

Now there is another added benefit:

  • Antimicrobial Protection

Infection prevention is an added bonus to a surface capable of cross contamination. While most cart top surfaces are smooth and durable, and allow for wipe down and disinfection – it is an added benefit to to have one with antimicrobial properties to further reduce that risk.

The Harloff Company has produced such a medical cart top and you can read about here.

For Your Medical Cart Solutions,


Harloff Announces Introduction of Antimicrobial Plastic Tops

New silver-infused material inhibits the growth of microorganisms

The Harloff Company is excited to start 2018 with the addition of a new standard of protection to our already comprehensive and flexible line of medical products. Effective March 1, 2018, Harloff upgraded the plastic top that is standard on key product lines sold into hospitals to an antimicrobial plastic at no additional cost! Any cart currently pictured or provided with a white color top will be upgraded; this includes but is not limited to all models in our Universal, Classic, V-Series, Mini/Mini24, and MRI-Safe lines and the cost of this comprehensive upgrade is already included in Harloff’s 2018 pricing. The new antimicrobial polystyrene tops employ the use of silver technology that inhibits the growth or attachment of microorganisms by protecting the surface of the plastic. Unlike surface disinfectants, the antimicrobial properties of the plastic are designed to work 24/7 and last for the life of the product*.

Cart models pictured or provided with beige plastic tops or with non-plastic tops remain as currently specified.

Replacement antimicrobial tops are available for all applicable products if you want to upgrade your Harloff cart fleet to the antimicrobial standard; please contact customer service at 800.433.4064 or your local Harloff sales rep for more information.

Patient safety has always been a consideration in the design and manufacture of Harloff Medical Carts and Storage Cabinets. We look forward to the opportunity to provide this next level of safety to our valued customers.

*The longevity and durability of the antimicrobial properties will vary depending on the specific environment and wear & tear conditions.

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