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Medical Crash Cart Restocking Leads to Lawsuit

September 4, 2018

Omnipresent. Whether we see them everyday or not, medical carts are omnipresent and an integral part of healthcare everyday. Whether you or a family member or friend is receiving healthcare treatment – there’s a good chance someone you know is receiving the benefits of a medical cart’s impact on Healthcare today.

Medical crash cart (Code Blue Crash Cart) restocking has been a topic I’ve discussed previously here on cartadvocate. Many healthcare facilities have minimized the laborious andtedious efforts required to restock pharmacy and other cart trays through an RFID technology such as “KitCheck.” However some are still doing it the old fashion way for various reasons – reconciling every single drug in a tray, restocking, and sending back to the cart on the floor.

As stated it is laborious in nature, and often includes transporting, via restocking cart or carrying the reconciled tray back to the Code Blue Crash Cart for use.

One Healthcare employee feels he was discriminated against his gender, for receiving these duties as a man.

Here is the article to read more about party who feels he was required to perform this Crash cart task over other employees based on discrimination.

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