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Medical Carts & Trade Wars 

El Dorado Hills, CA USA – Today’s current events are filled with headlines discussing the potential for an upcoming “Trade War with China.” Medical carts are a paramount player in global healthcare. Will the potential USA – China trade dispute impact our world of medical carts?

It would be hard to say without thoroughly researching the approximate 75 US OEM and ODM manufacturers of medical carts. What we know is the US administration has announced tariff’s on items and goods from China – to include “Medical Equipment.” This is on top of an earlier spate of tariff’s on Chinese Read more…


Case Cart Cadillac 

There are more than a dozen manufacturers of stainless steel case carts that I am aware of, but only a few prime players. This video of the  ” rev . o . lu . tion ” cart  by Pedigo deserves a cartadvocate post for two primary reasons.

1. The video is not designed to marketing for the sake of marketing. It is designed to illustrate the Features, Advantages, and Benefits of the cart itself. Does it market the cart? Of course. But it only does so through meaningful step by step identification of the benefits if offers.

2. The cart itself. If there was ever an unsexy medical cart – it must be the case cart; Until now. This cart definitely moves the traditional case cart needle (hidden pun there).  It … Read more…

Code Blue Crash Cart Restocking Systems


Code Blue Crash Cart Restocking Systems

Code Blue Crash Cart restocking systems are utilized each time the cart is accessed, and more…

Generally speaking medical cart systems exist to provide secure, mobile, storage that enable caregivers to care for patients. A fairly straight forward objective. It is the medical cart systems nature as a primary storage solution that is indicative of items being stocked and replenished. These requirements point to human proce$$e$.

On a recent appointment I was privileged to receive a tour of a hospital’s central supply workflow processes surrounding the code blue crash carts. It was long way from the Read more…

DART Cart – Medical Cart Application 

Medical Cart name applications are many. You can see my post in 2012 about various medical cart name applications here on . This new “Dart Cart” name is a new one for me. Essentially it is a new name for “Difficult Airway Cart” or “Airway Cart.”

Around 2014 my own medical cart and storage company saw a dramatic surge in requests for “Difficult Airway Carts” from hospitals. Primarily from the Emergency Department. I contacted JCAHO to see if there was a new requirement for Difficult Read more…

How to Choose Your Ideal Mobile Cart Solution – Part II

Ideal Mobile Cart Selection Process

Part II Conclusion

…Perhaps the cart is being stocked in pharmacy and traveling to a medication room on a different floor. An IV cart will often account for more than one room in the department and therefore be mobile. Whether it is a stationary or mobility cart solution, it will have a place of purpose. Whether at the point of care or in a secured environment for the highly improbable disaster, its place of purpose has a footprint and 3-dimensional space. Assure the adequate room for the entire cart (Height, Width, Depth and don’t forget to leave accessories such as push-handle- shelving-charting tables, etc.).

Step 3: Who will be accessing the mobile cart? Read more…

ENT Medtronic NIM-Reponse 3.0 Medical Cart 

This is an interesting medical cart I came across in a surgery department in Oakland, California. It is referred to as an “OEM” medical cart application which indicates it was custom designed for the original equipment manufactuer (OEM) “Medtronic” for a specific purpose and application. This specific cart application is ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) and is their registered and trademarked brand “NIM” (Nerve Interoperative Monitoring). You can readily see the Medtronic NIM-Response 3.0 monitor on top of the Read more…

Medical Cart Casters, Mobility, and Maneuverability – post #005

At 30,000 feet somewhere over West Texas I am contemplating the importance of medical cart casters. After all, by definition a cart must have wheels to be a cart. No matter how great the cart, if it has poor mobility its overall user experience is Read more…