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Medical Cart Casters, Mobility, and Maneuverability – post #005

At 30,000 feet somewhere over West Texas I am contemplating the importance of medical cart casters. After all, by definition a cart must have wheels to be a cart. No matter how great the cart, if it has poor mobility its overall user experience is Read more…

cartadvocate’s 6th Birthday

cartadvocate is turning 6 years old January 2018! I started to blog to share my experience and purpose in medical carts with others. My intention was for readers to have a transparent view into all things medical carts. So in January of 2012, having no knowledge of the blogging world – I decided a good plan that day was better than a Read more…

Man stole drugs from hospital crash cart – Brandon Sun


By Erin Debooy – 08NOV2017

A man who stole a plethora of drugs from a crash cart at the Brandon Regional Health Centre was sentenced to more than two months of house arrest this week.

Donnelly Bell pleaded guilty to two counts of theft under $5,000 in Brandon provincial court.

“The crash cart is prepared to make sure that it’s ready to be used in emergencies. It’s sealed for that purpose,” Crown attorney Brett Rach said.

“Certainly I would suggest that — not only is this akin to a theft from a pharmacy — what’s also aggravating is that there was the potential that if medical staff were dealing with an emergency, they might not have had the medications they required to complete their task. It could have been very dangerous.”

Original Link from Brandon Sun:

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Medical Cart Mobile Device Management Software 

Medical Cart Mobile Device Management Software is available for the majority of medical computing cart manufacturer solutions. MDM as it is called, goes far beyond the scope of medical carts. Mobile devices are now being utilized across many industries. We will only be looking at MDM as it pertains to mobile medical computing carts.  Read more…

How Clean is Your Cart? | From 

Repost on cartadvocate –

By Jeff Rogish – 30JUN2016

A December 2015 study published in the American Journal of Infection Control found that high-touch objects within an intensive care unit (ICU), such as clinical workstations and carts, could possibly harbor more dangerous bacteria than the regularly cleaned items in patient areas. While this study focused solely on the ICU, cleanliness is Read more…


Avalo Medical Carts Secure Flexible Reliable 

Here is a nicely done video on the features, advantages, and benefits of a particular medical cart brand, Avalo by Capsa Healthcare. 

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Medical Cart Market Report 

Medical Cart Market Reports are published from time to time. The intent is to provide factual research based data on the medical cart market. They also identify “Key players” in the market, and comment on the direction of the market; Nationally and globally. As someone who keeps a pulse on the medical cart market I often read these reports with a healthy amount of provision. There is valuable information, but they are simply reporting on the current direction of the market – and then they extrapolate the information over a  long term period. Fast advancing technology may readily have an impact on the direction the market ends up going. Especially when forecasting out ten Read more…

Medical Cart Fossil 

Medical Carts are built to last. Healthcare professionals require the very best equipment. Medical Carts are built to withstand constant use by care givers. The actual utility of medical carts long survives the practical use in a hospital or medical facility. Medical carts were first constructed of heavy gauge steel. When a hospital deems the carts unfit for use, they are sometimes repurposed for a non-clinical application. These non-clinical applications often include departments such as facilities, plant-operations, Read more…

Anesthesia Cart Tampering – Fentanyl 

Anesthesia Cart tampering happens frequently and often undetected. We often discuss why Anthesia Carts are used and their primary purpose:

  1. Supply Optimization
  2. Access Control
  3. Mobility

Here is an example of a nurse illegally tampering with an anesthesia cart. In this case the Read more…

Medical Cart Packaging 

Medical Cart packaging matters. Many times the carts that arrive at your hospital come from half way around the continental United States. Some medical carts are born in California, Ohio, Illinois, Arizona, Oregon, and Texas to name just a few. The chances are good that the medical carts arriving at your hospital traveled a long road to get there. A medical cart order of fifty five or more carts typically has it’s own truck. Anything less Read more…